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These pages discuss the various ways to Come to and Get  Around Corsica using the offers presented by Tourism Professionals. 

For more information, you will also find the addresses and phone numbers of Tourism Offices and Event Organisers.

If you would like to organise your own holiday, reserve your accommodations in a hotel or residence, or rent a villa: 

Please go to the accommodations page.

There are also Tour Operators available to organise your holiday for you. 

Finally, if you are interested in a particular city or region and how to get there: 

Please take a look at the Index of Cities and Regions.

Getting Here and Getting Around
By Sea or By Sky? 

About two-thirds of the island's tourism traffic transits by sea from Italy and France, an equal number of passengers disembarking from both countries.   The majority of air traffic arrives from France, especially Nice, Marseilles and Paris. 

Several maritime routes link Corsica to other countries.  
From Italy ferries depart from the ports of Genoa, Livorno, La Spezia and Sardenia.

During the summer season there are flights from several French (Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, etc.) and European cities, including flights from England (London, Manchester), Germany (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Luxembourg and Switzerland (Geneva). 

Getting to and Getting Around Corsica Transportion in Corsica

Tour Operators
Several Tour Operators and Tourism Professionals are active in Corsica.
They offer formulas to discover the island - which are often rather original - they often meet special demands, and they always address you in your native language.
Several can also organise special tours around the island.
Tourism Offices and Event Organisers
The Tourism Offices and Event Organisers are very active partners in the tourism business.  
Present at several events in Corsica and abroad, they can put you in contact with the best of the local tourism professionals.
Contact them to find out which international events they attend.
The brochures they offer you will convince you that Corsica is definitely a must-see destination!
The Event Organisers can tell you about the cultural and historical wealth of the micro-regions, where they organize their events and entertain tourists.
To reserve, or view, the Hotels, Resort Villages, Holiday Residence Hotels, Camping Grounds, Summer Rentals and Bungalows, take a look at the  accommodations directory.
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