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The GR20

Paglia Orba [Ph. MA Benedetti]

Also called Fra I Monti , the GR20 goes from Calenzana, near Calvi to end at Conca in the neighbourhood of Porto Vecchio, going through the Natural Country Park. .

So there are 200 km - entirely marked out - of absolute beauty but which are not devoid of difficulty that the practiced rambler could do in a period of about 15 days, not counting the rest periods in the small private hotels or in the numerous refuges, which are nowadays well equiped and which line the course; and also not counting the periods where you go and stock up in the following places:

  • The Bavella Pass
  • The Verde Pass
  • Ghisoni
  • Vizzavona (Station)
  • Vergio
  • Asco

Considering the particularly sporting character of this ramble " through the mountains" we will say never enough to the rambler to not go alone, to equip himself, to gather information with precision and to arm himself with the Lecture-Guide "Paths of Corsica- GR20".

But the ramblers which are less practiced do not have to be upset! The teams of the National Country Park which ensure the laying-out and the upkeep of the GR20 also have thought about them, by offering them, through its " Country Paths" very beautiful hikes: Alta Rocca, Boziu, Fium'orbo, Niolu, Taravo, Venachese..

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