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Chapon - Sporpanea scrofa [Ph. Antoni ]

A Unanimous Opinion

The divers are unanimous: most of the most beautiful beauty spots are at the foot of the reserves which are four in number in Corsica ( The Cerbicales Islands, The Lavezzi Islands,The Archipelago of the Finocchiarolo, Scandola ) and are also at the foot of the Marine Park which was recently created.

The Marine Park
Officially created on the 05/27/95, the Marine Park covers 40000 hectares of earth and 100 000 maritime hectares, in the south of the isle.
It is divided in several zones which are accessible or not to the public.

A Testimony of Georges Antoni

The main places of diving where the pictures of the book
Submarine Corsica have been taken, are represented on this map by a star symbol.

The size of the star symbol is proportional to the number of divings which are made. It is more than probable that other beautiful places of interest remain to discover...

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