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Red Starfish - Echinaster sepositus [Ph. Antoni ]

Zones of no Fishing and Diving
Protected Species
Species whose the fishing is controlled
Main measures of the regulation

Zones of no Fishing and Diving

  1. Ile-Rousse quarters(1978)
  2. Saint Florent (Nonza-Farinole)- quarters (1978)
  3. Bastia (Miomo-Pietranera) -quarters (1978-79)
  4. Bonifacio quarters (1983)
  5. Porto Vecchio quarters (1978-83)
  6. Propriano (Portigliolo-Campomoro) quarters- (1978-79)
  7. Porto-Piana quarters(1978-83)
  8. Calvi (1978) quarters
  9. Nature Reserve of Scandola
  10. Nature Reserve of the Lavezzi Isles (No underwater fishing)
  11. Decree of "biotope" : Islets of Bruzzi and Moines (No underwater fishing and anchoring)

Protected Species in Corsica

  • Sea cicada (Scyllarides latus)
  • Date of Sea (Litophaga lithophaga)
  • "Grande nacre" (Pinna nobilis)
  • Black Grouper (Epinephelus guaza)
  • "Diademe" Sea urchin (Centrostephanus longispinus)
  • Giant "Patelle" (Patella ferruginea)
  • "Posidonie" lPosidonia oceanica)
  • Turtle (Caretta caretta)
  • And all the marine mammals

Species whose the Fishing is Controlled

  • Spider crabr (Maia squinado) - No Fishing from 05/01 to 05/31
  • Spiny lobster (Parinurus elephas) - No Fishing for divers and hunters
  • "Liche" (Seriola dumerili) - No Fishing
  • Edible Si urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) - No Fishing from 04/01 to 11/30

Main Measures of the Underwater Fishing's Regulation

The underwater fishing is subject to all the bans of fishing in general for instance the crustacean one during winter from 10/01 to 03/01. Moreover it is subject to a special control, either national or regional.

National Measures : Decree 305 of the 10.08.85
To be over 16 years old
To be the holder of a CR insurance
No fishing on night, especially with a source of light
It is forbidden to come near at less than 150 m of the boats and of the professional nets
No hold of a loaded speargun out of the water
The law of July of 1968 forbids the sale of the underwater fishing's product. ..
Do a declaration to Maritime Affairs
Local Measures :
Decree of directors of the 09 / 11/198O, Order of the prefect 38/57
No Grouper fishing
No spider crab fishing from 03/01 to 05/1
The fishermen with a speargun must not come near approximity of the swimmers.
Ministerial order of the 15 / 2 /1983 :
List of the 8 quarters favouring the restocking of the crustaceans (see map above) to which are added the maritime parts of the Natural Country Park of Corsica:
  • Scandola : Decree of the 12/3/1975
  • Lavezzi : Décree of the 6/01/1982
No Sea urchin fishing from the 04/01 to 11/30
No Spiny lobster, "fiches", Sea cicada fishing

Note : These quarters were previously specified by the ministerial order of 20 of June 1978, which was modified the 14 of June 1979.

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