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Erbaju   [ Foto Desjobert]

Corsica with its exceptional climate, offers a vast array of services, throughout  the year and over its whole territory..
First of all Corsica is a Festival of Events!

The Natural Regional country Park of Corsica will delight the lovers of virgin spaces. The park authorities have laid out over 1500 kilometers of hiking trails.

Your Holiday in Corsica will allow you the practice a great variety of activities :

Selected Extracts ...

The hiker is the one who will no doubt return from Corsica with the most powerful memories..

By taking the ancestral paths, now laid out by the teams of the Regional Natural country Park, they will discover both the exhilaration of  physical performance and the amazement and enchantment of the soul.

No monotonous scenery for the hiker! On the contrary : The friend of the true nature lover, each region will reveal  its personality and its ancient secrets and at the same time its colors, its scents, its shadows, its rustles...

Hikers have the choice between :

  • Four trails of medium difficulty [Mare a Mare - 3 runs and Mare e Monti]
  • A much more difficult trail reaching heights of over 2000 meters with significant variations in altitude: the famous GR 20 (also called Fra i Monti).
Choice of Trails
  • GR 20
    The expert trail, GR 20, is not only one of the most famous of Corsica, but also one of the most difficult of all Europe. The mythical GR 20 goes trough  high mountain, from Calenzana to Conca.

    It is practicable from mid-June to the end of October. Nevertheless it requires good physical condition and a solid knowledge of the mountain environment. Allow a walk of about fifteen days and be aware that camping is forbidden on the route.
    On the other hand, accomodation is provided in refuges.

  • Mare a mare | Mare et Monti
  • Hiking all around Cap Corse
  • The Clubs' and Professionals' Adresses

The Colors of silence....
Under the surface, among the gorgonias and coral, big groupers, escorted by "corbs", "dentis" or by "sars tambours" await you. You will feel like you are in a three-dimensional movie, while you enjoy a quiet which would be hardly accessible elsewhere.
No need to lure them to meet them.
Better than the temple's guardians, they will be really the guides of your most beautiful divings.

Leave for a few moments a world that you know only too well, to apprehend an other one that you do not know enough, and which is nevertheless so near, and from where we all are born of.

Maybe you will keep in a comer of your mind and of your heart, a respectful impression of the littoral environment.

Philippe Lombard [ Chief Editor / Mer et Littoral ]

The Diving Headings

The Cruises toward and around Corsica
A Promising Cape ....

Do a boat trip round Corsica is an unforgettable experience.
The sailing harbors are in large part equiped to receive boats of any height and are designed in order to ensure an important accomodating : in 1995, 60 000 calls were registred in Corsica harbors.
Companies hire out boats and put it at disposal. The sailor desirous of plying along the coasts can make his way towards Sardinia which is few cables length away from Corsica.

Corsica on Horseback
From the Initiation to the real Ramble... ....
A thousand nine hundred kilometres are meant to practice the ramble horse-riding.
The ways cut across the isle through settings of dream and picturesque villages.
Twelve months out of twelve, introductory courses are proposed to the novices, in order to make them discover places which are inaccessible by the road.

The Useful Informations: [ Pages in process of creation ]

Corsica by Bike
Your only concern... link the various stages...
Which will lead you from the Lion of Roccapina to the Peaks of Bavella without forgetting the Rocky Inlets of Piana or the Agriates Desert.. It is by bike, alone or with somebody that you will breathe, within the space of a few days or the space of a simple week-end, the true scent of Corsica.
So to your pedals, Go round Corsica by bike it is possible!

The Useful Informations:

The Seaside
The Sun on the Horizon ...
The Tour of Beaches

Corsica, with more than a thousand kilometres of coasts offers throughout its gulfs, bays and inlets, the most unbelievable settings for the sea and beaches lovers.

Choose your starting point and...Travel some of these beaches !

White Water Rafting and Sports
Floods of Daring ....
Faced with the increasing request of the tourists desirous of practicing an original sport, as rubbing shoulders with the natural elements, the activities in spring-tides developed and take place on rivers, such as the Tavignano, the Golo or the Prunelli .
The canoeing, the swimming in white water, the canyoning are becoming very prized leisures, which also are sources of employment's creation in the rural environment.

The Useful Informations :[Pages in process of creation ]

The Fishing in River or Sea
The Promises of Water .... 
  • Fishing in Sea
    A Thousand kilometres of coasts and so many species to discover...
  • Fishing in River
    Long before practicing fishing in sea, in a seasonal way and often in addition of an other activity or simply as a mere amateur, the corsican turned towards the inside of his isle, goes in for the fishing in river since always.
    The baits which go from the fly made of silver-grey cock's feathers to cheese for the big pieces, passing through earthworms or grasshoppers; allow very good catches notably in the Liamone, the Taravo, the Fium'orbo, the Fango, the Restonica and in fair numberr of small or big rivers whose Corsica is generous.

The Useful Informations:

Hunting chasse.jpg (11770 octets)
From ancient time ....
The Hunting's times : [ Pages in process of creation ]
  • The Addresses: Résidence Arco-Plage

The Water cures
As far as back then, the ancients....
Corsica could be a big centre of water cures for its springs are numerous and their effectiveness is considerably recognized. At present only a few are exploited.

In the search of Spas

  • Guagno-les-Bains
  • Les Bains de Baracci
  • Pietrapola
  • Urbalaconne

A Few Books to Go Further....

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