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The Gulf of Valinco,

Bougainvillée and the old wall Propriano [Ph. Desjobert]

There is not, in the isle, a town, a village, even a path which does not bear its legend or the mark of history, which is small or large, happy or bloody. The one of the region of the Haut Taravo and Sartenais belongs, for its part before all, to Prehistory.

In a nature that gods have wanted to be as rich as varied, of seas and salt, of mountain and shade, or of hills and softness, a large number of vestiges of the megalithic civilization have been excavated and highlit.

So, slightly in the North of the seaside resort of Propriano, Filitosa, its olive trees and its superb statues-menhirs which are eight thousand years of age, Fontanaccia and its magnificent dolmen called "La Forge du Diable", or Cauria and its menhirs in alignment which attest without a doubt the presence of a high place of religious cult.

Less ancient rite but still alive nowadays, the Catenacciu - symbol procession of the Passion of Christ on the Golgotha way- takes, each Good Friday since the Middle Ages, the soul of the beautiful and austere Sartene, headland town with many passions, whose solidity and pride remind us of those of Lion cut in the granite of Roccapina, not far from there.

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