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Corte, The Niolo,
The Venacais

The Citadel of Corte [Ph. Desjobert]

Harsh, beautiful and passionate, the Niolo, birthplace of the Golo, is since always, the high-perched of the pastoral tradition.

It is the "grandiose" that dominates this region situated in the heart of the isle : from the highest top of Corsica -Cinto, Paglia Orba- to the Laricio Pine which is beautiful, elegant, soars up itself too into the infinite, through the strange and impressive Scala di Santa Regina, narrow corridor widly cut in the red rocks, wild abyss which was for a long time taken by the shepherds poets of Niolo who were bound for the needs of their business toward the crossroad of history and culture : Corte.

Chosen by Pascal Paoli as the capital of Corsica in the brief period of its independence, Corte which is the natural boundary between Corsica of North and Corsica of South; reigns as a sentry from the top of its rocky peak, over the valleys where the Tavignano and the Restonica have cut from their torrents, gorges so beautiful that they are classified as a " big national place of interest".

Not far from there, at the foot of the Monte Cardo, a harmonious tangle of chestnut trees pines, oaks and ferns, form the region of the Venacais whose shepherds have known, thanks to their know-how and under the protect of the Santo Eliseo Chapel, how to ensure the solid reputation.

At the time of the mild seasons, the undergrowthes and rivers are the privileged place of meeting of the hunters and fishermen, while in warmest seasons strollers and hikers let themselves bewitched by the atmosphere and the beauty of the setting that form around them Venaco and its grasslands, Vivario and its alpine cirque or, Vizzavona and its happy unions of beeches and pines.

Towns and Villages


  • The Excursions
    • The Valley of the Restonica
    • The Valley of the Tavignano
    • The Lake of Melo
    • The Scala of Santa Regina
  • The Products of the Region
    • The Cheeses
  • Cultural Activities: LICNICOI Archaeological Museum

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