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The Balagne

Calvi to Galeria

Ile Rousse [Ph. Desjobert]

Between the fresness of the seaweed with their powerful scent of iodine, which caresses St Florent, the genoese and the coasts which line the gardens of the Balagne, the blazing Desert of the Agriates streches.

This piece of land covered with a burning and scented scrub, favorable to kindle the imagination which has nourished many legends which were born from its wild beauty and from the strangeness of its forms, contrasts, for more charm, with its neighbor, the fertile Balagne.

Dominating one of the most beautiful gulfs of the Mediterranean, the valley of the Balagne which is gentle and majestic would willingly inspire the poets. Its hills covered with olive trees, embellished with lemon, orange and fig trees have for a long time symbolized the one who was the "Garden of Corsica".
But today, if the olive tree and vine know a new and happy expansion, it seems nevertheless that it is the littoral which gains in this eternal land-sea duality.

Ile-Rousse founded level with the waves by Pascal Paoli in order to bother Calvi, the genoese reddens with pride to attract so many happy visitors in its harbor, in its streets and on its sands.

Calvi, jewel of the Balagne impresses with the variety of its beauty : an imposing genoese citadel and a marina which is full of life at its foot, cheerful and many-colored alleys, a high-town full of self-assurance and serenity, and finally a beach which languorously streches along its pinewood.

Lucky is Christopher Colombus which is said to have come into world there !

Towns and Villages

  • Calvi
  • Ile Rousse
  • Lama, Medieval Village
  • Sant'Antonino

    The temple is in ruins at the top of the promontory
    and the death has mingled in its fawn grounds
    the marble goddesses
    and the heralds of bronze
    whose solitary grass buries the glory...

    L'Oubli José Maria de Heredia There are neither temple nor goddesses in Sant'Antonio, but it emanates from this small medieval village, rigidly set in the aridity, with cobbled alleys, a spellbinding feeling of solemnity as if, even before we know it, we could see that it is weighed down by history, unless our emotion arises from the panoramic view that it offers onto the Balagne, the sea, the infinity...
  • Speloncato
    It springs from there Moorish features. At the top of the Cima which dominates Speloncato we find the ruins of a fortress built about the thousand year by Malapensa. It was at the origin of a long and bloody vendetta which put the Savelli of Speloncato against those of Sant'Antonio. Curiously on the 8th of April and 9th of September, the sun disappears behind the mountain at the end of the afternoon and reappears later by the opening of a pierced rock. Then the rays shine on the church a few seconds, as if a new day was breaking.
    [ extract Terres de Corse ]
  • Calenzana
    In Calenzana, the most populated village of Balagne, the traditional Corsica wisely looks at the Corsica of tourism which has become Calvi. Dominated by the Monti Grossu, this big village still produce wine, cooked pork meats, oil with a joyful vigor. We still find there august residences of sgio which have some of the most beautiful corsican libraries.
    [ extract Terres de Corse ]


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