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Ile Rousse

[Ph. Desjobert]

An Evocation of Ile Rousse ...

Cut of the tourist periods, it is easy to find there a past which, as a timorous animal, agrees to go out from the stones when the flood of tourists has come to an end. It pricks up a curious head out of the monuments, observes and takes you the mind and imagination.

Ile-Rousse [ Isularossa ] was founded in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli, the Father of the Homeland, who wanted to dethrone Calvi, genoese city par excellence, he had gallowes set in front of the first houses and declared : " I have put up these forks in order to take there Calvi"

Wander in the streets of the small town and let yourself rocked by the softness of the Balagne. The late autumn is more subtle in sensations. The scents discreetly hang in the air.

The Balagne still keeps its exquisite delights of long ago. Happy is the one who will know hew to discover them. He will gain a touch of wisdom.

Extract of Terres de Corse Gabriel-Xavier Culioli

Holidays in Ile Rousse - North Corsica

  • Visit the Town
    • The Sailing Harbor
    • The Paoli Square
    • The Lighthouse of the Isle of Pietra
  • Cultural Activities and Visits
    • The Oceanographical Museum
  • The Rambles around Ile Rousse
    • With the Train Tramway Ile-Rousse - Calvi
  • Sports

For any information contact the Tourist Information Center.

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