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A Citadel...

The Citadel of Calvi
[Ph. Desjobert]

Evocation of Calvi ...

On the coast, Calvi changes and every summer adorns itself with its attires of Riviera to welcome the crowd which invades it. It is said that the inhabitants have got something out of it.
To those who ventured into this town, I let by way of thought, this description of Pierre Dominique (Corsica, 1935, Horizons of France) :

"... Walking up, we enter in the upper area surrounded with high walls by a high gate on which the device of Calvi is engraved :
Civitas Calvi semper fidelis (The town of Calvi always faithful).

After the gate and the vault, we get to a kind of covered way.
Then, if there should not be neither boat in the port, nor steams on the waters, there you are right in the 16th century.
In fact, many houses are in bad condition and maybe the time and neglect are partly responsible, but apparently the real culprit is Nelson, who, in 1794, crushed the high town with its bombs and, finally, lost there an eye.

Men lain on the warm stone of the parapet are dreaming while looking at the sea.
Women seated in the shade of a very white church, which is hemmed in, isolated between the houses to which it is joined, the alleys are empty, the silence is of a complete plenitude.
The place becomes round right in the sky and, as if it was raised in the light, in the warmth, above the low passions, offered to the wind, the sun, it sours to be meant to nourrish the most beautiful dreams of child..."

Extract of Terres de Corse Gabriel-Xavier Culioli

Holidays in Calvi - North Corsica

Visit the Town
The Upper Town: The Citadel
Ancient Palace of the Governors Palace of the Bishops of Sagone
House of Laurent Giubegga House of Christopher Colombus
St-Antoine Oratory Saint-Jean Baptiste Cathedral
The Lower Town: The Marine
Sainte-Marie Majeure Church Tower of "Sel"
War Memorial
Emmanuel Frémiet
Photo OMT Calvi
Notre-Dame de Loretto Square of the "Porteuse d'Eau"
Town Hall Stele of Christopher Colombus

Cultural Activities
The Passion Calvi Allegria
Jazz Festival Wind Festival
Meeting of Contemporary Art Polyphonic Meetings
Painting by Jean-Marie Zacchi
The Rambles around Calvi
The Longest of all the Beaches The Craftsmen's Road
The Chapel of the Madonna di a Serra The Peak of Revellata

The Sports Activities
Sports Events Diving | Sailing | Sport-Adventure
Clubs Sailing Harbor

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