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Solenzara or The Sun


The Sailing Harbor [Ph. Desjobert]
Solenzara ! It is the sun (sole) which gives its name to the river fringed with eucalyptus which crosses this nice sea resort. And this big village that a nice Sailing Harbor embellishes, justly takes this name - Solenzara - which so well suits it : luminosity, softness, large horizon... a whole world, at the foot of the mountains, offering many activities thanks to the reception facilities and to the training structures which have developed.

Diving, sailing, mono water sport, tennis, pony trek rival in appeal with the superb beaches , Solaro, Canella, Favone, Tarco which invite to the "farniente"...

Meeting point between the eastern plain and the crystalline coast of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, Solenzara knows how to harmonize, in a happy balance, dynamism and gentle way of life.
Canelle [Ph. Desjobert] From the Tyrrhenian Sea which bathe the resort, a sun appears from the dawn and ablaze the Peaks of Bavella, whose the imposing site, one of the isle's jewels composed with a rocky massif and with an immense forest of Laricio pines, is only a few rambler's strides away, along this river generous with natural swimming pools, in waterfalls or in small holiday-colored beaches.

For Solenzara is not only, for the rambles lovers, starting point of this unforgettable route but also starting point of a superb adventure which, after a break in the refuge of SARI, will lead the most experienced to the road of the G.R. 20 through the Natural Country Park .

The Peaks of Bavella and Access to the GR20

The combining of a rocky massif in the backbone of the isle, of a pass at 1218 metres of altitude and of an immense forest a few kilometres away from Zonza, makes of this place of interest one of the most curious and beautiful of the isle.

It is a place where forms, colors, lights transport us into a world of enchantment and mystery that still accentuates the sound of the wind which, as the years go, has bent the Laricio pines into strange supernatural forms.

These peaks of porphyry spared by the glacial erosion of the Quaternary, called "Needles" soaring for certains until 900 metres of altitude, dominate with all their beauty - notably at the dawn and at the twighlight - the indentation called Pass of Bavella.

Under the protection of a cross and of the statue of N.D des Neiges, the pass is the meeting place of many believers, artists, ramblers or of climbers who besides will find there an office of the group of Climbing and Ramble of Bavella.

Holidays in Solenzara - South Corsica

The businesses, the stores of craft or fashion and the nice restaurants liven up until late in the night, the heart of the village which streches out along the road which will lead you in the North towards Bastia , in the South towards Porto-Vecchio notably by means of a service buses which ensures twice a day the link between these two towns.

The accomodations, in Solenzara like in its surroundings, are numerous : hotels, chalets camp-caravan site, seasonal or professional hires out offer structures which are capable of satisfying vacationists from every backgrounds.

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