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 Porto  Vecchio  


The Alta Rocca

The Path of Discovery

Pass of Bavella [Ph. MA Benedetti]

An Evocation of the Alta Rocca

[...] "The Alta Rocca, though it is far from my village, existed as a reference for Grandfather. For him, corsican from the hills, born at the end of the 19th century, the plain remained a place of derision. There lived the people of the wells who, once the summer come, started its ascent towards the tops and the good air, towards the Alta Rocca.
Further yet, the tradition teaches us that the transhumance led to the plateau of the Cuscio, situated behind the Incudine (the Anvil). There, at the beginning of the 18th century, a procession of shepherds greeted the king Theodore de Neuhoff, this noble westphalian crowned monarch by the Corsican, and brought him to Porto-vecchio. They pass along this deep gorge which lines the Peaks of Bavella then they went down to the sea, leaving the country of the mouflons, this ovine race which became the symbol of Corsica.
I did again this way which snakes through the scrub until the plateau of Bavella, to the extreme point of the Natural Park.

[ ] Once we have passed the sheepfolds, we access to a point of view which dominates the sea.
Then, the fatigue and the sore in the legs disappear, for

Corsica is as well beautiful from inside as from outside. It was until then an intuition. It is becoming certain."
[ extract Terres de Corse ]

An Evocation of Sainte-Lucie de Tallano

In Santa Lucia di Talla (Sainte-Lucie-di-Tallano) the "diorite orbiculaire" is harvested..
This stone has the aspect of the panther skin and seduced the Florentine of the Renaissance who used it for the tomb of the Medici. At the beginning of the 19th century, the general Morand, considering it as precious good of the french patrimony, made keep a deposit of it by soldiers.
[ extract Terres de Corse ]

Holidays in Alta Rocca - South Corsica

The numerous villages of this splendid region delimited by the Massif of Bavella, the Incudine and the plateau of Cuscione are linked together by paths which are marked out for a walk of length from three to six hours during which love and curiosity for prehistory and history will get satisfaction.

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