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The South, Bonifacio
the Alta-Rocca

The Lavezzi Isles [Ph. Desjobert]

Like a masterpiece that the final touch must sublimate, the gods only could give Corsica, in its extreme south, a unique place of interest. This one takes the look of a white ship which proudly attacks the open sea : Bonifacio !

No one can resist neither the fascination of this old town which is dazzingly white, nor the appeal of its old alleys which climb up toward the sky, and bordered by the cliffs from where the isles of Lavezzi and Cavallo, or Sardinia can be seen, you will be maybe pray to a vertigo which you could not say if it is physical or, in front of so much audacious beauty, just simply mystic !

But the south it is also - harmonizing charm of yesteryear and dynamism of today - Porto-Vecchio and its splendid littoral which is "beaded" of gulfs and beaches with names which are evocative of escapism Sogno, Santa Giulia, Cola Rossa, Rondinara, Pinarello...

L'Alta Rocca ! The name of this hinterland, land of asylum of people of the plain in the time of the invaders, "flaps" with the pride of its ancient lords, fortresses builders.

Today privileged welcome land for the traditions or archaeology lovers, the Alta Rocca offers not only the exhuberant peaks of Bavella, but also the plateau of Cuscione and its sheepfolds, the Levie museum and its " Lady of Bonifacio" which dates from 6570 years Before Christ, the historic sites of Cucuruzzu or of Capula, Sainte Lucie of Tallano and its convent...

To perpetuate its tradition of hospitality, this region seems to have wanted to combine a big variety of roundnesses, of differences in height, of foliage in order to permit to everyone to practice the sport of nature of his own choosing: from the hiking, the pony trek to the climbing, through the mountain biking, the canyoning, the swimming in river, or the ski touring.

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