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The Genoese

The Cliffs of Bonifacio
[Ph. Desjobert ]

Evocation of Bonifacio ...

Bonifacio is a city which is exposed to the open sea and to winds which rush in the narrows with an incredible violence.

When this puff takes possession of the town, woe betide the one if he goes for a walk there.
It is a such strength that it jostles the less solid. Once you passed the door of the drawbridge, the old town, where the dialect remains the genoese and not the corsican, closes on itself.
For Bonifacio has kept its aspect of origin, or it has just about kept it.

[...]The view of Bonifacio by the sea is one of the most renowned. The boat sails along the immense white walls whose corbelles constructions move forward above us.

The Cliffs [Ph. Desjobert]

Then the town appears which seems to look us from above. We have difficulty to hold back our fear of seeing fall these buildings with their innumerable and minuscule openings.

From the port to the Citadel a way which overhangs the marina and the narrows, goes up.
In the beginning of the century, the donkeys blocked this road; hundreds donkeys which supplied the old town.
The inhabitants of Bonifacio nicknamed this procession "the subway of Bonifaziu".
The good animals brought the food and drink to the inhabitants of the high town. When the sun rised, this army of donkeys started to bray, awaking the poor urbanists who joined their insults to the animal din.

A little after, the water carriers poured out into the blocked alleys, yelling: "Acqua, acqua fresca." The strength and the habit permitted them to bring up the full jars to these erected stairs which were straight as ladders.

Bonifacio is a religious town par excellence.
I keep the memory of these processions which, during the big christian feasts silently went all over the Citadel. It rised from there an atmosphere of fear and respect that I combine with the smell of candles which haunt the churches.

The one of Saint Dominique is the most immense of Corsica..
The Templars started its building and it was finished in the 14th century thanks to the grants paid by the inhabitants.

Extract of Terres de Corse Gabriel-Xavier Culioli

Holidays in Bonifacio - South Corsica

  • Visit the town
    • The Marina
    • The Marina
    • The High Town
    • The Citadel
    • The Saint-Dominique Church
    • The Old Town
  • The Sailing Harbor
    Regular sea lines permit excursions from Bonifacio and the crossing of the Strait of Maddalena towards Sardinia which is very near and the port of Santa-Teresa..

For any information contact the Tourist Information Centre

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