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Paesi d'Ostriconi, A Different Tourism ..

Lama, Medieval Village Between sea and mountain

Label Blooming Village

Great National Prize of the Tourist Innovation
Photo: San Lorenzu Chapel
Lama "one of the most remarkable reserve
of the island architecture"
[ Michel Grandin - Villages de France]
Why have we chosen Lama for our vacation in Corsica?
Friends who have talked to us about it? An advertisement read in a brochure?
An article in a magazine? No matter we have just left the main  road of the Ostriconi and we drive up now towards the village. Nobody talks in the car.
Is it the contemplation of the big houses which, on the sheer rocks, slowly get closer or, already, the feeling that .. we are going to live unforgettable days?
Charm and comfort
It is a whole village and its families which welcome you in their Gites .

The large impressive houses of the 18th century with interiors richly decorated in the italian style, are next to the old medieval area with its maze of narrow alleys and vaulted passages.

Lama between Sea and Mountain

In the bottom of the valley, at ten minutes awaywith a car, the sumptuous delta of the Ostriconi and its immense beach, with, behind, the movement of the dunes and the meanders of the river in the reedy place. One of the natural jewel of Corsica, listed as great beauty spot.

Up there, the mountain with its old paths of the transhurance which snake in the rocky inlets and climb to the Monte Astu (1535 m).

In this sea-mountain relation, the hikes or the pony trek
find their favourite ground.

Your vacation in Lama

Visit the Village :
  • Through its Story
  • The San Lorenzu Chapel
The Cultural Activities
  • Le "Stallo", the showroom and concert hall.
  • The Festival of the European Movie "Chroniques Villageoises".
    During a week, Lama offers a magical wandering throught the Europe of the movie.
  • Lama, Village-light on the night of the 15th of August for the procession of
    the Virgin Mary.
  • On the evening, we linger over the terraces of the restaurants to enjoy
    the local cocking.

Built on the mountain's slope,
  • a splendid swimming pool ,
  • and 1 tennis court
The Hikes around Lama
  • The liaison Paths between villages
    Lama - Urtaca : 1h00 | Hamlet of Pedano (Pietralba) - Novella : 3h00 | Palasca - Ostriconi : 4h00
  • The hike of the Monte Astu :
    The Tourist Office of Lama proposes you the hike of the Monte Astu. For the pleasure of the walk of course but also and above all for the one of the discovery. You are going to follow in our dead shepherds' footsteps. This mountain was their realm.
    Do not be too in a hurry to reach the top and keep all your senses aroused.
    You are going to breathe in innumerable scents, see everywhere, the vestiges of the life of the past : low walls, fountains, mulches, sheepfolds, wheat areas; as if they were fossilized in the landscape.

    Maybe you will hear, far in the sky, the call of the last eagles.
    Since the shepherds have gone, these high deserted lands belong to the the sovereign eternity.
    Monte Astu : peak of the Tenda chain (1535m) . Difference in height 1000m.
    Departure : Lama (High village)
    Duration : Lama - Refuge of Prunincu : 2h00 | Refuge of Prunincu - Monte Astu : 1h30
    Outward/return journey : 5h30 to 6h00.

The Pony trek and equestrian vacation with

For any information contact the Tourist Office

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