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The Nebbio
and The Cap Corse

The Harbor of Centuri [Ph. Desjobert]

Bastia, beautiful and grave, ancient guardian of the tuscan strait, protects with a just pride the richnesses of its past.
Its old Harbor, its numerous religious sights, its gentle alleys which were formerly cradled by the operatic arias whose some of its talented children have made the renown, are the picturesque witnesses of all this.

Clever, it also knows energizes its industry, its trade, and its transports while preparing the future without losing its soul there.
The technology and communication one.

Solidly cramped facing the Levant, Bastia offers to those who go a little far away from it - but just a little - regions which are contrasting as they are beautiful.

First, this peninsula that we compare whether with God's finger whether with the conqueror thumb : the Cap Corse.
There is not a small valley, an inlet, a village which does not worth the detour in this superb promontory which is so different until its traditions from the rest of the island.
It is the sea, and not the mountain, which was very soon "tamed" by the corsican lords of the Cap, has fed and keeps on guaranteeing part of the economy of these men of the big open sea.
But the sea and its numerous small marinas are not the only advantages of the Cap Corse!

The famous vineyards of tile Patrimonio, whose the oldest would date from the Vth century Before Christ, justly made the pride of the inhabitants of these sunny slopes which dominate the splendid bay of St Florent and of the region which is next to it : the Nebbio.

U Nebbiu - in corsican - which until the last century still was the "Conca d'oro" of the island with its vines, its olive trees and its fruit trees let the place, despite the expansion of its vineyards, to the undeniable charms of the coast and its sands.

We have to rediscover this beautiful fruitful land, this breeding land which still keeps in its gentleness the signs of its past opulence, and whose small villages cling on with their all strength to best move us, to the slopes of the mountains which watch over all around it!

Towns and Villages

  • Bastia
  • The Cap Corse
  • Lama, Medieval Village
  • Saint Florent
  • Vescovato
    The high fašades of Vescovato, with a austere silence, welcomed an episcopal see from 1269 to 1570; in 1577, seven years later, a popular assembly decided there the integration of Corsica into to the kingdom of France. Mirabeau and Murat lived in these places...
    [ extract Terres de Corse ]


  • The Cap Corse
    • Brando - Centuri - Erbalunga - Luri
    • Nonza
      Nonza, village of the Cap, offers one of the most singular aspects of Corsica. Its square and green tower dominates the houses which have known how to keep, beyond the times, the aspect of their past. Through the alleys which are embeded between the houses, we skim through four centuries of corsican history. [ extract Terres de Corse ]
    • Patrimonio
      The wine is everywhere in Patrimonio: in the culture, the work, but also in the church whose steeple dominates the plain and stares at the calcareous crests of the region.
      In Patrimonio, two implacable adversaries of Napoleon were born: the Arena brothers, whose one, Joseph, was guillotined in 1801 to have opposed to the future emperor.
      Nativu is more ancient, the statue menhir discovered in 1964 which is to date the only one of its kind to have been sculpted in the limestone. [ extract Terres de Corse ]
    • Rogliano
  • Ostriconi Valley
  • The Products
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