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The Castagniccia
The Eastern Coast

The Cialambella of the Goatherd Tolle in Castagniccia [Ph. Desjobert]

It is always with respect and gravity that we evoke this "country" in itself, this almost mythic land, this birthplace of the corsican history - The Castagniccia -.

The chestnut tree - breadfruit tree - and its fruit, the chestnut that some call "the urchin of earth" have been the foster parents of this region which was renowned to be the richest of Corsica until the last century.

"As long as we have chestnuts, we will have bread" said to its compatriots Pascal Paoli, child of the country, whose museum of Morosaglia, its native village, of which it today honours the memory.

It is without a doubt the baroque churches and their works of art of the Castagniccia which the best attest its past richness: St Pierre - St Paul de Piedicroce, the campanile of La Porta, the polychromes of Carchetu or of Piazzole, the paintings of Campana.

Dominated by this immense forest with its undulating green, next to the picturesque and smiling Casinca, the eastern plain very near streches between Bastia and Solenzara.

Strange and endearing landscape punctuated with eucalyptus that this long and low land where grow plenty lemon trees, Algerian tangerine trees, kiwi trees, or vines which are very near from the lagoons or from ponds bearer of dreams: the Nature Reserve of Biguglia and its remarkable ecological interest, the Ponds of Diana and Urbino whose calm waters allow to breed mussels and oysters as at the time where Romans were there very near, in Aleria, the capital of Antique Corsica.

Towns and Villages

  • The Archeological Site of Aleria
  • Alesani
  • Cervione
  • Loretto di Casinca
    The time and space join on the cliff of Loreto, the highest village of the Casinca. From the church, in clear weather, the Pond of Biguglia is visible and, even sometimes, the italian coast: Tuscan is there, within sight reach. A bridge sets up between the Casinca, beautiful and a little known, and the eternal Italy. [ extract of Terres de Corse ]
  • Orezza, Morosaglia, Piedicroce
    On the borders of the Casinca is the native village of Pasquale Paoli, Morosaglia. The corsican hero remains there for the eternity, him, who knew how to give the isle a glorious fate. This land of Corsica carries with it a great triangle: Morosaglia, Orezza and Piedicroce. It holds the big decisions of this people which endowed itself of a dearly acquired name. Within the convent of Orezza which is a village renowned for its waters, the delegates of the " Terres des Communes" which, under the aegis of Sambuccio d'Alando, took up the fight against the occupying Genoese meet. [ extrait Terres de Corse ]


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