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Aleria and the
Villages of the Region

Convent of Piedicroce [Ph. DesjoBert ]

To Know Aleria


Aleria is the first commercial syndicate created in Corsica. It was created by the Phoceans in 565 B.C.
Discovery of the Aleria Foundation

The Matra Fort

The organization of big yards of excavations on the site of the roman colony of Aleria (from 1955), the discovery of the necropolis of Casabianda in 1960, required the creation of an archeological museum. A first depot of excavations was opened to the public in 1963, the depot became the Musée Jérôme Carcopino in 1969, in tribute to the corsican scientist who permitted the resumption of the excavations of Aleria. In 1978, the museum became departmental. It was set in a fort which was built by Benedetto Canevara in 1572.
Belonging to the famous Matra family, which was a loyal ally of Genoa, it sheltered a group of cavalry which was in charge of the police of the plain.
During the independence wars, the little fort was occupied in 1730 by the corsican revolutionaries. In 1736, it was in the Matra fort that the corsican chiefs of the independence movement, Costa, Giafferi and Giacinto Paoli ( father of Pascal Paoli) proposed to the german baron Theodore de Neuhoff, the crown of Corsica.
The fort was classified as a historic monument in 1962.

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