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Piana ...
These Monsters
which defy
the Sea

The Calanches [Ph. Desjobert ]


An Evocation of Piana ...

I was in the Calanches of Piana, whose Guy de Maupassant gave a so beautiful picture:

"I stopped stunned in front of these amazing rocks of pink granite, of four hundred metres high, strange, tortured, eaten into by the time, bloody under the last fires of the twilight and taking every forms, like a fantastic people of a fairy tale, petrified by a supernatural power."

[...]There are some places where the most convinced rationalism wonders in spite of itself about the mysterious powers which govern the nature. The geography provides an explanation to this petrified tempest.

The legend tells its creation :
Satan, fallen angel, madly fell in love with a shepherdess.
He observed her for weeks from the bottom of hell, falling in love with her more and more everyday.
One morning, he went on earth and undertook the conquest of the beauty.
And there instead of giving way to the Prince of darkness, the young woman insulted him, hit him and called her husband. The last mentioned came and found himself gripped by rage. He armed himself with a stick in oak and dealt a hidding the poor devil who had to escape with his tail between his legs, he did not even try to kill the husband and his wife.
Not likely! It would have been too easy.
He decided to make the place uninhabitable.

Then, he hit, split, broke, pushed and knocked down, anyway, turn the rock upside down with nevertheless, a distinct artistic concern, for the old Corsican assert that with a touch of imagination we can see the shepherd, the shepherdess and her dog, sculpted in the cliffs.

Saint-Martin came through there and decided to bless these cliffs.
By noticing that he would not manage to chase away the fury from there, he called a wave which caressed the rock.

Thus the gulf of Porto was born.

Extract of Terres de Corse Gabriel-Xavier Culioli

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