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West Coast

The Citadel of Ajaccio [Ph. Desjobert ]

Leaning at the side of the most beautiful gulf of the world, under the look of the touching Iles Sanguinaires, the elegant Ajaccio, strong by the beauty and the fame that gods and some of its sons, knows with a nonchalance full of humor and of sensivity how to charm its visitors.

These ones will not regret to have sauntered in its old streets which are all full of the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte, in its markets with the colors of the countryside, or to have visited its churches, its cathedral, its imperial chapel or the small A Bandera museum to know a little more about Corsica.

But, it is maybe the visit of the very beautiful Fesch Museum, guardian of the most beautiful collection of italian primitives after the Museum of the Louvre one, which will nourrish the longest time the memories of the visitors of this imperial city.

Still dazzled by the light of Ajaccio, the traveller will continue its way, in the north, toward the Cinarca valley whose softness evoke the Tuscany, toward Tiuccia, Sagone and Cargese - small Greece - on promontory, then, not far from there, toward Piana with the fantastic Calanches, tumults petrified in the granite's blood.

Seized by the vertigo with so much beauty he will then go down toward the august gulf of Porto with a hinterland which promises beautiful rambles before reaching, by scrub or by sea, the haven of Girolata and the organs of volcanic stones of the nature reserve of Scandola, which are so exceptional places of interest that the UNESCO have inscribed them to the Heritage of the Humanity.

Towns and Villages

Following the Coast, Gulf by Gulf or ...

  • The Gulf of Ajaccio
    • Ajaccio
    • Porticcio
      Face to Ajaccio as to invite its inhabitants to come from the very summertime to frequent its long and beautiful beaches, Porticcio at the foot of the rock which dominates it, offers the swimming and the water activities lovers all the ressources whose they can dream of.
      This small village, wise during winter, dynamic and frivolous during the winter, is the first stage of a beautiful coastal walk until the genoese tower of the Point of the Castagna, after having made a detour through the Punta di e Sette Nave (point of the seven Ships), the Tower of the Isolella, the pinewood of the Verghia beach or the Portigliolo beach...
    • Sports and Activities: Skin Diving

  • The Valley of the Cinarca

    The Cinarca streches between Ajaccio and Cargese. The villages have been built back in order to protect themselves from the Barbary coasts invasions. They look at the sea, dominating the ancient cultures : vine on the slopes, corn in the Liamone plain.

    [...] The lords of the Cinarca who became from the 13th century, asserted to be descended from the legendary Ugo Colonna who delivered the isle from the non- christians in the 9th century. The most famous paladin of Cinarca was Sinucello della Rocca, dit Guidice (the Judge). (le Juge).

    [...] The soul of Cinarca is a mixture which is amazing and explosive of mad ambition and has a fierce resistance to any invaders.

    [ extract Terres de Corse ]

    It is without a doubt from the Sarcoggio pass, with an almost aerial point of view, that we can the best get the measure of this "mad ambition" as the beauty of this valley is so gripping.

    The look is turned towards the gulf of the Liscia, at the foot of the ruins of castle of the counts of Cinarca - Capraja-, where the small lovely seaside resort of Tiuccia, huddles, then slides on the gulf of Sagone whose village of the same was formerly a roman town before being bishopric for a time.

    Finally, a little further, but drawn to perfection, appears the point of Cargese where one day of March 1676 seven hundred and thirty Greeks of the Peloponnese fleeing from the Turkish came to take refuge at several kilometres away from there...

    The Villages of the Cinarca

    • Calcatoggio [ Skin Diving]
    • Sari d'Orcino, Casaglione & Lopigna
    • Tiuccia
  • The Gulf of Cargèse, Porto, Piana

Leaving the sea for the Mountain from


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