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The Roman Catholic Church

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Facing each other, in the centre of Cargèse, you will find the Greek church and the Roman Catholic church, in both of them lie hidden mements of local history.

It is true that the Greek church attracts more visitors, probably due to the fascination of its "exotic" quality.

However, a visit to the Roman Catholic church is also very worthwhile


Firstly, a few historical notes obtained from the Historical Monuments board.

carg002.jpg (20421 octets)In 1617, the non-Greek heads of families decided collectively to launch a subscription for the construction of a church for the Roman Catholic faith.

A certain Antoine Andreani at that time donated a plot of land. But times were hard...

Work on the building only started eight years later. The construction work lasted from 1825 to 1828.
"Help" was even required from the Ministry of Religion.

Documents in the archives mention repairs undertaken on several occasions.
For instance, in 1835 the roof was blown off by the wind and in 1845 the interior fittings had still not been completed.

Lastly, the erection of the bell tower was only started in 1847.

carg003.jpg (11509 octets)The present church has a single nave with two semi-circular side chapels.
The choir is separated from the nave by a set of steps and a communion table.
The barrel vault rests on a cornice with ornamental mouldings supported by Corinthian pilasters. The building has retained a neo-classical flavour (first half of the 19th century).
The mural paintings of the choir have recently been restored.
A square bell tower, topped by an octagonal turret, rises to the north side of the church. The front facade is divided by flat pilasters and capped by an undulating pediment.
To each side the facade has high windows giving light directly into the nave. The chevet of the church is semi-circular. As a whole the building it homogeneous and has much to fascinate the visitor. It is interesting to note that the greek priest, Elie Papadacci, at that time adopted the Roman Catholic faith, and he was followed by the Petrolacci family as well as part of the Dragacci family.

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