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Tourism Information

To help you with your plans, you would like to receive offers for holidays, brochures, etc. 

CorseWeb offers you the possibility to send your requests for information to  Tourism Professionals in Corsica.
Your request will be made immediately available online at CorseWeb .

All Tourism Professionals with Internet access will then have the chance to respond directly to you. 
You will have to provide a postal address and telephone number for the professionals who do not have access to the Internet. 

Post your request now!

Become a CorseWeb Partner

You would like to publish documents, photographs or texts about Corsica on the Internet. 

CorseWeb offers you the possibility to participate in the creation of new subject areas, or add to existing ones, by becoming a  CorseWeb Partner.

CorseWeb handles all the details (page layout, translation, updates, etc.) of creating web pages from the documents you provide. 
CorseWeb also creates a page that can be accessed from the "CorseWeb Partners" directory.
This page introduces your company and lists all the subject areas you have participated in creating.  CorseWeb can also host your personal web site, provide you with email addresses, and more!.

Become a CorseWeb Partner Today!

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