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 Luri Wine Fair
 Napoleonic days

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Fiera di u Vinu

Luri Cap Corse  July 7 & 8 2001

New item!
Local Specialties Buffet 
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The Rendez-Vous

07/7 07/8
Inauguration Cocktail 11 am  
Wine Tasting 3 am 10:30 am and 3 pm
Regional Wine Growing Contest   10 am 
Win your weight in wine 9 pm  
Among us the cellarmen from all over France  who will come to pay tribute to the men and women who live off the vineyards and wines of Corsica. 
The world's greatest cellarman, Olivier Poussier, will be among them.
You can come meet them right here on the fair ground or at one of the wine tasting workshops. 
Perhaps they'll reveal some of their secrets, their know-how, and turn you into a great wine connaisseur! 
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Corsican wine tasting workshops held by the delegation of cellarmen. 
Registration: +33 (0) or at the welcome desk the day of the festival.

Flavour & Fragrance Workshop with the "la Route des épices" association.

Luri Contest

1999 Winners


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Caspa d'oru : Domaine De Bemardi (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa d'argentu : Domaine Casabianca (AOC Corse)
Caspa di bronzu : Domaine Piana (AOC Corse)
Caspa d'oru : Domaine Catarelli (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa d'argentu : Domaine Abbatucci (AOC Ajaccio)
Caspa di bronzu : Domaine Capitoru (AOC Ajaccio)
Caspa d'oru : Domaine Catarelli (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa d'argentu : Domaine Lazzarini (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa di bronzu : Domaine Pastricciola (AOC Patrimonio)
Caspa d'oru : Domaine Giudicelli (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa d'argentu : Domaine Lazzarini (AOC Patrimoniu)
Caspa di bronzu : Domaine Orenga de Gaffory (AOC Patrimonio)

New item!!
Buy our special glass to taste the wine safely.

Your weight in wine!  The winners will be announced on Sunday evening.
Perhaps you'll be the lucky (and heavy!) winner!
You'll have to get up on the scale!

But this time you'll be compensated, thanks to the generosity of the wine growers.

luri04.jpg (20465 octets) Local Specialties Buffet 
Chef Vincent Tabarani, along with the "Cucina Corsa" association and local restaurants around the Cap, will propose a buffet prepared with local products and enhanced by the Corsican wines generously offered by island wine growers. 

Reservations with the association at +33 (0)


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Information and Reservations 04 95 35 06 44 - 04 95 35 03 59 - 04 95 35 04 17


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