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The Natural
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Girolata [Ph. Desjobert ]



Natural Ressources

What a beautiful example of creativity and of institutional and scientific consensus that the creation, in 1972 - on an area of about 300 000 hectares - of the Natural Country Park.

Picture a stole which diagonally drapes and in the same spirit the crystalline chains of Upper Corsica and Corsica of South and which takes in its folds a big part of the Castagniccia, and also in the west, the maritime façade which includes the "from now on" famous peninsula of Scandola in its impressive escarpments.

So it is on more than the third of the isle that a pluridisciplinary team, which was very present on the terrain, has set itself as a target - with the inhabitants' cooperation to protect the fauna and the flora without for all that wronging the hunters and farmers, to preserve and restore the traditional sheepfolds, finally to give a boost to a rural revival of quality - notably through the pastoral activity - while developing country holiday in harmony with the innocence of nature and with its inhabitants'soul.

The passion, dialog and the will of men have permitted to the threatened or endangered species to be given a special protection. So, stags, boars, foxes, weasels and wildcats can move without any risk. And it is the same for the mouflon that is found in Bavella and in Asco, for the bearded vulture and its three metres of wingspan, the golden eagle, the sea eagle - or osprey - that France has almost known the disparition - the rare pairs which are nowadays protected, only nest in Corsica.

It is also the love, the vigilance, and the sense of communication of the teams in place which are took over by administrative and educative authorities, which allow to these beautiful regions to see fires and poachings decreasing to the advantage of a tourism which - far from the clichés - can "open up" with by practicing the ski touring, pony treks or rattles notably the GR20 one, while tasting the pleasure of accomodation in holiday cottage in the country and the one of the meeting with its inhabitants and artisans, these mountain dwellers who are justly proud of their trueness, they are finally reconciled with sea thanks to the recognition by the Unesco as a place of world interest of the Scandola peninsula.

It is in 1975 that SCANDOLA , which is located in the north of the flashing Gulf of Porto was chosen as the first RESERVE of France with in the same time a terrestrial and a maritime vocation.

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