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A Sumptuous Vegetation ..

The Lariccio Pine The Arbutus

The Breadfruit Tree and the Enigmatic Sitelle

Who has never heard evoke the sumptuous corsican vegetation ? This one has actually more than 2000 species whose, according to the botanists, 78 to 81 are peculiar to it.

The abundance of varieties that nature combines with so much magnificence, according to the altitude and to the type of soil, offers to everyone the change of scenery which is dear to his dreams: whether the one from Africa or Italy, or from Spain, Greece or Asia, whether the one of America and its exoticisms.

But none of these countries, as so far it is, offers a so harmonious mixture of scents, colors, gradations, forms and of density that the one of the corsican scrub which mingles "cistes", "lentisques", arbutus, myrtles, brooms, heathers, holm oaks to give way, here and there, to vegetal nutritive species which have been introduced or reintroduced by the Genoeses in the 15th century: the vine, fig tree, olive tree and the chestnut tree, which has been for a long time "breadfruit tree" of many villages and the lord of the region of the Castagniccia which acquired its name in the 16th century.

The grave, dense, smiling or fickle forests of beech trees, chestnut trees, Lariccio pines or scented alders often are the guardians - helped by men who apply themselves within a superb
and within three zones of the littoral which are classified as Nature Reserves :
Scandola, the Cerbicales Isles and the Lavezzi Isles
- of a very rich fauna which is sometimes rare whose, to only name one example: the enigmatic sittelle which, but China and Canada is only found in Corsica.

The Forest of [Ph. Desjobert]

A world where, everyone, walker, hiker or seeker, can satisfy his curiosity or passion.

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