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Lake of Capitello [Ph.Desjobert]

The Lakes and Rivers

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Diamonds or Tears

Lake of Nino [Ph. Desjobert]

The Asco River [Ph.Desjobert]

Corollary of its relief and its mediterranean climate, the hydrographic network of Corsica is a very rich one. It offers many rivers, lakes, torrents and springs, and some of them are recognized to be of quality and of exceptional effectiveness, and whose certain could one day give birth to health spas centres of renown.

All corsican rivers - whether they are limpid in the west or darker and muddier in the east - are irregular. Their low or moderate rate of flow from June to September, voluminous or even vehement from October to May, have required the building of many bridges whose the most beautiful date from the Genoese time.

Besides the naturally magnificent setting which surround them in every seasons but without a doubt as much again in spring, certain torrents and rivers such the Golo, the Tavignano, the Taravo, the Vecchio, the Asco, the Gravona dedicate their new waters, from the melting of snow, to the canoeing lovers.

Although they are of a small area and fringed with moors of altitude, many lakes are of glacial origin ( lakes of Nino, Creno, Capitello, Melo, of the Rotondo, of the Oriente...), diamonds or tears according to the soul of the story-writer poets, are for the lovers of nature and change of scenery, an opportunity of doing beautiful and amazing hiking such as the expert trail, the GR20 which is recognized as one of the most beautiful of all Europe.

Lake of Creno [Ph. Desjobert]

To join these Lakes:
Creno [from Soccia ] - Nino [ from Niolu ]

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