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The Photographers of CorseWeb

Georges Antoni

Under water Photographer
Nouvelle Color Printing Works

8, avenue Noel Franchini
BP 504 Ajaccio Cedex Tél : 04 95 22 33 22 Fax : 04 95 22 65 27


When you love the sea with all your heart

Student in the Art School, then graphical designer, finally printer, Georges Antoni, corsican native of Appriciani, dives since twenty years throughout the thousand kilometres of coasts offered by Corsica..
The settings and the inhabitants of this submarine world, he photographs them for eight years.
His photographs, the best among hundreds circulate through exposures, books notably
The Submarine Corsica Oasis in the Mediterranean [nominated for the 21st Festival of Antibes],
a collection of Postcards Wonder of Mediterranean and series of Posters.

Illustration Reviews : Oceans, Mer et Ocean, Oceanorama,...

A Portrait

He confessed us, at the time of our first meeting :

The Paradise exists, i've met it,
but unaware men are mad enough to destiny it.

Since 1977, date on which one of his friends has lent a Nikonos III (with a flash with bulb !), this alumnus from the Art School endeavors to touch the heart of the general public with unforgettable pictures.

His passion, his commitment and the perpetual search for emotions to make us share, even pushes him, in winter, to dive on night.
Alone, he dries and opens his camera in the headlights'beams of his car, he engages a new film, and returns to merge into the veils of dark velvet of Mare Nostrum.

The Setting-off by the Picture

His abilities brought him the illustrations of various advertisements relating to the submarine world (Plongee Grand Bleu Corse, clubs of diving, public notices of the European Meetings of Diving, New Frontiers, etc).
On the Environment Office's request, he expresses his talent by making a setting-off by the picture within the context of the plan of the International Sea Park of the Mouths of Bonifacio.

Extracts of Mer et Littoral [Philippe Lombard]


  • La Corse Sous-Marine [The Submarine Corsica]
    More than one hundred and twenty large recent photographs.
    Clear comments to better know the corsican marine animal-life and flora,
    useful informations to dive in Corsica.
  • Merveilles de Méditerranée [Wonders of the Mediterranean]
    A collection of 14 under water postcards [ Format 10x15 cm ]
  • Posters [ Format 42x60 cm ]

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