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Maritime Company
U Paesi di u Valinco

Port de Propriano
20110 Propriano
Tel: 04 95 76 16 78
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Discover Corsica, its inaccessible and savage coastlines, its incomparable sites

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Discover another way to reach Corsica, to visit the most beautiful natural reserves, to penetrate areas that are only accessible by sea.

Follow your best guide...the dolphins will take you!

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U Paese di U Valincu, the maritime company, offers you the most beautiful views of Corsica's west coast, from the extreme south and the cliffs of Bonifacio, to the Scandola Nature Reserve just outside Balagne and Calvi. 

Bonifacio , The Girolata Nature Reserve, 
the Piana Inlets, the Lion of Roccapina and of course the Gulf of Valinco.

Wonderful areas accessible to all on a boat trip with the dolphins..

In the morning the scent of Corsican scrub, in the evening unforgettable sunsets over the Piana Inlets and, in the distance, on the ridge, the Lion of Roccapina, a total change of scenery. 

Swimming too ....

Based in Propriano, on the Gulf of Valinco, boats are well equipped to discover 
the most beautiful views - coastal, of course - but underwater as well.

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The most beautiful views.

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A complete underwater view

  Our boats make it possible to enjoy the most beautiful day trips.

Hugging the steep cliffs, they glide through the most picturesque passages.

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Or they just simply berth in isolated inlets so you can take a swim or relax.

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